作者:Bill Dodson 2013-04-28 15:17:57
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I asked the American inventor one of the most important questions you can ask a foreign businessman in China: “How are you going to protect the invention?” He smiled, “That’s the beauty of it,” he said. “We’re not. We want Chinese manufacturers to copy it. We want them to popularize the application. We’ve ......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-04-08 18:37:46
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April 8th, 2013 A recent link I posted on the China Fast Forward group and others on LinkedIn elicited several insightful responses. I had succinctly responded to the Wall Street Journal blog entry in which Li Daokui, an economist at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, essentially declared China’s institutional the......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-04-08 18:37:17
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April 2nd, 2013 A great op-ed piece in the Financial Times echoes a proposition I make in the Afterword of “China Fast Forward”: countries need to break down the barriers to scientific research erected nationally and commercially to address some of the greatest challenges humanity has ever met. Western countri......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-03-25 18:45:03
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March 22nd, 2013 In other words, the two most important systems supporting innovation in a society are woefully skewed to meeting the demands and vanity of CCP sponsorship. Ultimately, Chinese business and industry is beholden to the same kind of patronage. The larger the enterprise and more closely aligne......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-03-25 18:44:45
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March 19th, 2013 Today I read a Reuters report about China Central Television’s (CCTV) most recent “hard-hitting” expose about customer service issues with Apple and direct shift gearbox transmission, “a long-standing issue for Volkswagen,” Reuters reports. These sort of consumer saf......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-03-14 18:26:22
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This past weekend at the Beijing Bookworm International Literary Festival a moderator asked me during one of my book talks where he thought non-traditional thinking about relationships in Chinese society would arise. I had made the point (as I do in China Fast Forward) that China needed to foster institutions and behav......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-03-14 18:25:16
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While in Beijing the past few days I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the Beijing Bookworm International Literary Festival. Just after the first of two talks on my latest book, China Fast Forward, I sat through the talk on Doing Business in China.    Arthur Kroeber, in particular, did a great job of describin......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-02-28 17:17:02
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David Pilling of the Financial Timesreports some disturbing statistics on the degree to which China’s economy is dependent on official- and “gray” Ponzi schemes:  The upshot is an ill-defined and under-regulated part of the financial system that now controls assets worth about Rmb20tn ($3.2tn), or 40 per cent of gr......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-02-28 17:13:42
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Huawei has recently appeared in several high-profile articles in international newspapers the last several days. Huawei makes telecommunications equipment and mobile phones. While best known for its telecommunications business, its mobile phone business has made it a distant number three in the world behind Samsung and......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-02-20 18:13:13
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I was surprised recently during a research project on the the patent application activity of the Mainland’s solar power equipment industry to find a countervailing trend: patent activity in the industry is actually decreasing!    International media and consultancies alike have been trumpeting the increasing number ......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-02-05 17:53:32
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February 5th, 2013    Bloomberg recently released its own version of a global innovation index, and it’s even less informed than others I’ve written about.    Some of my favorite rankings in the list are:  United States #1 – this one seemed predestined in the list, somehow. Creaking infrastructure; a lousy pub......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-01-24 18:18:31
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   I recently overheard in an elevator in Suzhou a conversation between bank managers. The bank has a branch in the lobby of the office building and a couple of floors in the building for management and administration. Business for the bank was going quite well. They posted 50 open positions for fresh university gra......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-01-21 18:59:41
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Much has been made recently of the rapidly increasing number of patent applications in China. The central government’s policy to show the world it will be an innovation nation reminds me of the the Great Leap Forward. The initiative in the late 1950s was meant to transform China overnight from an agrarian backwater ra......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-01-21 18:58:44
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One of the members of the China Fast Forward group on LinkedIn posted an insightful Economist Magazine articleon the realities Western academic institutions face in China. Rote learning, a follow-the-leader orientation inculcated early on in a child’s rearing and intense competition make for a struggle to realize acad......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-01-04 17:05:17
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We’ve been having rather spirited and lengthy discussions on the LinkedIn Group I host, China Fast Forward. In one of the discussion threads I comment to points made by other participants:    I don’t think China’s entrepreneurs and private innovators are sticking around China long enough to dispense whatever fruit......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2013-01-04 17:03:13
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Xinhua, an official government mouthpiece, recently published findings of a survey about the state of innovation readiness of its private manufacturing firms. The report cited, “that of those surveyed 36.4 percent of the country’s private companies had not set up their own research and development center during the p......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2012-12-21 17:53:44
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 Andrew Sheng asks in his article for the South China Morning Postif the Chinese central government’s policy of innovation by fiat will once again make China an innovation leader. Sheng is president of the Fung Global Institute. Sheng rightly cites the Qing Dynasty’s insularity and obsession with control and stabil......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2012-12-11 18:22:55
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 Recent announcements by Apple and GE and the moves of a host of other American manufacturers would seem to suggest that China’s draw as a manufacturing platform for the world is being challenged.    Articles in The Atlantic Monthly and followed up by America’s National Public Radio go inside the twinned “Buy Am......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2012-12-07 18:52:05
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 During a recent gathering of Western senior engineering managers and executives in China I was surprised at the pessimism they expressed about China becoming an Innovation Nation on the back of its manufacturing sector. The managers all work with Chinese engineers day and day out throughout the country. They represe......

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作者:Bill Dodson 2012-12-04 18:29:46
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 I recently read an article in Wired Magazine that set me to thinking about what the next big thing may be in China’s e-commerce space. A 100-year old Japanese custom may just be made to order. Daniela Hernandez writes in her breathless article about the American version of an online offering in Japan that’s taken ......

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