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Incoming Chinese president Xi Jinping's first trip as head of state took him to Russia, Tanzania, South Africa and the Republic of Congo late last month. His inaugural trip was much heralded back in China as an assertion of Beijing's growing soft power, and its ability to develop friendly relations with resource-lade......

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作者:Gary Sands 2012-12-10 20:03:54
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Last week the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged China-located affiliates of the big five U.S. accounting firms with breaking securities laws by failing to provide documents from their audits of nine U.S.-listed Chinese firms under scrutiny. The SEC and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (......

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作者:Gary Sands 2012-10-31 15:16:58
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Nationalism is once again rearing its ugly head and could wreak havoc on the terms of trade between China and its neighboring countries.    Protests have been allowed to take place in more than 50 Chinese cities over the Diayou/Senkaku dispute with the Japanese, and Chinese fisherman are plying their trade and layin......

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导读:前几日,新东方在公布SEC调查和遭受浑水质疑双重打击下,股价遭腰斩,然而仅仅两天后便反弹36%,到底谁是新东方股价的背后推手?在公司面临SEC调查时,买新东方股票会不会过于鲁莽?投资者为什么会在浑水报告发出后抛售股票,导致新东方大跌50%,然后又在几天后改变决定呢?  同浑水质疑分众传媒的情况做下比较,去年12月,浑水发布质疑报告,分众传媒股价跌至8.79美......

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Recent hikes in the price of admission to many of China's top tourist destinations have sparked concern among many domestic travelers. After a three-year freeze on admission fees, local governments overseeing some 20 well-known scenic spots announced plans to raise their admission fees by 20 to 160 percent over the......

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On March 20th, Citigroup sold its 2.71 percent stake in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB), reaping a profit of around $349 million after tax.    Citigroup purchased its share in SPDB in 2003, and some analysts believe the sale was related to Citigroup's need to shore up capital in its home market, which is ......

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Many Western financial commentators argue the Chinese real estate market will undergo a "soft landing", pointing out that while some homebuilders in China are heavily leveraged, households are not heavily indebted and could withstand some minor correction in housing prices.  What gives these Western financia......

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--正如我们1999年以及今天所看到的那样,政治驱动型债务是有风险的。基础设施上的合理投资应该进行合理的尽职调查,不仅要考量长期经济需求,还要可考虑到财务上的可行性、各种风险以及让长期融资需求与长期资本相匹配的能力。    --在一个不需尽职调查即可作出投资决策、而地方政府对债务不担负责任的体系内,任何控通胀、抑增长即打压房地产的重大措......

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  --我曾在不同场合数次向老外们解释为什么我每日必看CCTV-9,还有,为什么我愿意完整地读完China Daily。我的观点是:要想对一个问题形成客观看法,你必须兼听并试着去理解不同的观点。        --有人说CCTV Amercia只不过是政府获取“软实力”的一次尝试。那又怎么了?所有国家都有权以和平方式向他国传达其价值观和信仰;至于是否接受这是个人的......

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