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Baidu’s $1.9 billion acquisition of app store 91 Wireless this week made me smile, because it solved a Chinese mystery. I’ve always wondered: Why do Chinese Internet giants try to copy the success of other companies, instead of simply buying them out? Tech companies in the U.S. have long been willing to acquire ......

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How about Censorship? Censorship is another widely spread out excuse for the failure of the Internet giant. Not true. It is part of the reasons, maybe 10%, but not all. There are examples of Google, and Facebook. Yes. They were blocked partially or completely, but that is the only only fatal attack they ......

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Let me give you some background information. Almost all US Internet companies failed in China in the last 10 years. Yahoo! entered China by acquiring 3721.com (some argued it was a keyword based search engine that dominated the space before Baidu.com came out), and turned it into nothing, before Yahoo! China was sold......

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  这两天正好赶上给办公室新的WIFI的SSID命名。我建议网络名叫hacker(还有一个可以覆盖到整个徐汇交大大草坪的热点,叫Free4Hacker。我花了点时间,写下了我对Hacker精神的理解,给大家瞅瞅。    Hacker不是仅仅在计算机领域才有。历史上的那些杰出的发明家,画家,建筑师,工程师,科学家,很多具有hacker的精神。    他们会发现这个世界里面让他们兴奋......

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  I got a list of questions to probe people's innovation ability. Here is the list, and I think it is well thoughts and written.        Finds new ideas by relating out-of-industry trends and patterns to the business.    Creatively solves challenging problems by drawing on diverse ideas or knowledge.   ......

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  Recently, more and more articles appear in party magazines about the topic of "Draw a clear line between Socialism vs Western Democracy" (source). That brought me to some interesting similar cases.    My friend told me when China first started to import movies from abroad, every movie needs a very long......

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  I have few questions for my friends in US who are familiar with the legal system there. It is about definition of trespassing, and property owner’s right when it happens.    It is about the recent case of Guo Degang, the famous Chinese talk show (well, I know it is a funny translation, but what is the right one......

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  Is it too late to ask this question?    This Expo is Special    This year's expo is special from most of the expo in the past. To be honest, I have never experienced previous Expo in other countries. I never heard about it before Shanghai started to bid for it.    Now, it is regarded in all the media ......

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  The Expo Preview happened on April 20, 2010, ten days before the grand opening.    However, the feedback I got so far is very disappointing, almost scary.    I almost got a ticket but it was recalled - because the security worries about terrist (I started to wonder if they worry about it that much, how to han......

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  The good traffic condition only lasted for few weeks, before it is getting worse. From the slow moving cars on the road, and policemen with flashing police car at every city corner, I got the signal - Expo is no longer a count down number. It is getting real.    People get nervous. There are problems when there ......

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  This post is in response to Robert's request to clarify my status update in Facebook. I said    'just realized that I don't really understand the social media yet.'    Robert asked why. Let me share some indicators.    I never took Social media serious    I had a twitter account on Feb......

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      After the busy day, Wendy(my wife) and I went to theater. That is the rare time we have - Yifan(my son) fell asleep at home with his grandparents. We guess he will sleep for a lot time since he was too excited in the afternoon in our office and missed his noon snap.    The movie Wendy picked is Tang Wei ......

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作者:王建硕 2010-03-31 12:21:13
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  One month after I bought Google Nexus One, I finally sold it out in Baixing.com Second-hand Phone category at a little bit lower price than I bought. If I had sold it the first day when I am got it, I can make a decent profit out of it, but the price of the new phone dropped from 6% higher than US to relative the......

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  Let me continue the argument regarding my previous blog In Market We Trust here. Intuition    The government decision makers are very likely to make decisions based on intuition, and the planned economy mindset. I, myself, made even more frequent mistakes when I make decisions about the market. I admit that I d......

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  The main take away from my Silicon Valley trip is the understanding of "market". I know, the recent financial crisis can be used as a way to argue the other way, I am still talking about the relative older style of market (like the flea market, and fish market), not the financial innovation stuff.    H......

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  Are you serious to have breakfast meeting in Shanghai? Think twice before you make the appointment.    I never really understand why people would think of the crazy idea of having breakfast meeting in Shanghai. I received the invitation for some times, but always rejected it.    Why Breakfast Meeting is Good......

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  In a private dinner at Goldman Sachs Internet and Technology Conference, I was asked to share a great idea with the accomplished investors, CEOs, and journalists. This is my idea:      Put all your money in the second tier cities in China! 10 cities in China is building their first metro system today, and they ......

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  今天的湾区阳光灿烂,280洲际公路两边的绿色山坡和蔚蓝的白云,让人觉得自己是Windows XP桌面上的一个图标。    下午,2点,终于来到Facebook这个神奇的公司。他们的新家在南加利福尼亚街的最里面,一幢两层的楼里。他们刚刚从车位紧张的Palo Alto城里搬到这里,据说一层楼又要搬了。我好像是他们再次搬地方前的最后一批访客。这里,车位依然紧张。Face......

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  在一个培训里,我们做了个有趣的游戏。那个游戏是一个囚徒困境的翻版,是为了证明双赢的可能性和重要性的。简化来说,是这样的:    两个人猜拳。    每个人都可以出剪刀或者布。    积分规则如下:    若两人都出剪刀,各得1分;    若两人都出布,各得3分;    若一人剪刀,一人布,剪刀者得5分,布者得0分。    如此往复很多次,积分最多者获......

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  I thought about it long time ago. In the GSR New Year Part, I talked about this idea with the audience here. Let me record this simple idea.    There are many system that archived safety, not by making it more safe, but by making it more vulnerable, and thus decrease the barrier of usage, and then as a result, i......

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