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2011-03-02 04:22:22

 These days classical music is not the love of most people, especially the young fellows. In fact, classical music is not meant for everyone. I am much more tuned into rock music, but because I love music, I also listen to other genres as well. Classical is just one of those genres.
 My favorite period is definitely the Romantic Era. Some of my favorite composers are Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Bach and Rachmaninoff.
 Chopin is cool. He is my idol and I love everything about him. I see a lot of people play his pieces on the piano, and I find it really nice to listen to. Personally I prefer his waltzes and nocturnes. I like Liszt, too. He has lots of spirited pieces. I fell in love with Beethoven after hearing some of his sonatas. I absolutely adore Tchaikovsky! Who could ever forget Romeo and Juliet? Though I do not have the hands to play Rachmaninoff, Lang Lang has! And he sums up the essence of Rachmaninov's music in his performance.
 I am also interested in the modern style of classic (Contemporary Classical). I would say that Vanessa Mae is great in her contemporary renditions of violin fugues and Yoshiki is someone I admire as both a rock musician and a classical composer, since I always like listening to X-Japan. Yoshiki's classical work is easy on my ears, and does not seem like his compositions are extremely technical. His orchestral composition of "Seize the Light" is particularly beautiful, and is made even more interesting considering that he produced it as a techno/trance song for a techno/trance group.
 Some think classical music sounds best when it is in its pure form - classical alone. But I believe that classical music gets more interesting when it is mixed with other genre of music, such as R&B, rock, techno and so on.
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