Feminine or Masculine

2011-08-28 06:12:58

 It seems like East Asian guys are getting more and more feminine. Many new dramas depict the feminine guys as ideal guys, with more and more stars and celebrities looking more feminine like "pretty boys".
 Before I watched all these Asian dramas, I was disturbed by the facts that these male celebrities look so gay with their long hair and feminine attitude, as I despised long hair on a guy. But after I kept watching these dramas, I found it awesome to have long stylish hair. Now I don't really think they are gay anymore. Surely they are still feminine but it is part of the current Asian pop culture! Girls seem to drool over them! More and more guys dress more feminine, and their hairdo and expressions are just different.
 I guess both feminine and musculine types have their own pros and cons. Linda likes masculine men with a touch of feminine. She hates macho, chauvinistic and poorly groomed men. Gorgeous eyes or beautiful hair will do more for her than a classically handsome face or muscly build. She prefers feminine face and masculine body, or musculine look with feminine personality. However, feminine guys seem too gay for Mary, who usually doesn't like "pretty boys". She leans more towards guys with a rough face. She just feels "pretty boys" look weird rather than attractive. To her, too perfect is boring.
 Personally, I think the best way for a guy to be is to have a balance between masculine and feminine, both in looks and in attitude. Too much of anything is never good, but finding a middle ground between the two is the best way to go. Really, I'll pick either kind of guy as long as he doesn't go too far to the extreme - neither bursting muscles nor bi-weekly trips to the salon.
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