Alpha Male

2012-11-02 06:04:14

 Alpha male is a term generally used to describe a male that seems dominant in his social circles, seems to possess an unending appeal towards women, and displays general leadership characteristics and traits. The term has been derived from the term "alpha dog", used to pinpoint the leader of a pack of wolves or dogs.
 Alpha male is the leader, the charmer, the witty one, the guy who gets all the attention, whether he craves it or not. Everyone knows who he is. His traits are so unique and recognizable, that almost everyone can instantly think of him around. He seems to have it all - money, women, success, leadership qualities and ease of mind. How he can manage to get everything so easily is something that can leave you quite baffled.
 It is commonly observed that if one is speaking to someone in a position higher than themselves, he tends to speak fast in order to maintain his attention and interest. Yet, alpha male talks slowly and knows that no matter what he says he will be listened to, and thus does not feel the need to rush through his words.
 He knows how to appreciate and acknowledge other people. If you have done your job well, he will appreciate it. If you tell a funny joke, he will laugh along with you. If you share your opinions with him, he will give you words of advice. He will always be open to ideas and suggestions from others and will not dismiss them without sincerely considering them.
 He is just not interested. In spite of taking a keen interest in what you may have to say, he seems to be aloof and transient at all times. His body language seems to suggest that he is always immersed in his own thoughts, and this even makes him seem self-centered. But the fact of the matter is that he is paying attention, in spite of seeming extremely aloof.
 There's just something about him that appeals to women of all ages. He has this irresistible charm that just oozes out and sweeps all the ladies off their feet. There's no one singular characteristic of his that has this effect on the fairer sex, rather the combination of all his traits which makes him so appealing.
 The biggest asset to possess, no matter where you are, is self-confidence. Believing in yourself, no matter what, is one of his traits that truly stands out. There is a fine line between self-belief and arrogance, and he is well aware of these boundaries and knows how to handle it. He will appear supremely composed, and will leave you amazed at his level of confidence.
 He will not look to anybody for approval. He will follow his instincts, and not feel like he owes anybody any explanations. There is no urge within him to justify and validate his actions and words to anybody. He is comfortable in his own skin and does not look and hope for anyone else's approval.
 The most glaring thing that you will notice when you see two alpha males interacting with each other, is the battle for supremacy. Each one will try and get one over the other, and as a result they will both be constantly competing or arguing. If you wish to become an alpha male you need to learn to recognize potential threats, and then show your superiority.
 Since there is a constant tussle between alpha males for supremacy, they tend to get insecure and threatened by the activities of other alpha males. They always feel like the other alpha males are undermining their superiority and authority. This is one of the alpha male traits that is not seen in every alpha male, but only in the ones that are slightly insecure about their position.
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Alpha Male
财经网网友:  Seems the writer is in love with one of the alpha males, lol.