Seduction Trilogy

2017-07-12 10:14:24


Every man dreams of becoming an irresistible expert of seduction. The majority of men, however, lack any required confidence in approaching women and - since women can instantly spot men without self-confidence - they end up avoiding such men like the plague.


Thankfully, several methods exist that can help you get over your problems with self-confidence and become a real expert of seduction. Although you may never totally get rid of your fear in approaching women, you can get rid of your worries by learning how to flirt the proper way, how to dress well, and how to come across as a very confident man.


Build a connection. To really woo a woman, you need to make her feel ultra special by showing genuine interest in anything she has to say. This would be vital in the world of dating since this can help you build a proper connection with a woman. No matter what she says, always listen. This might sound lame, but it will make women drop their emotional barriers and give you total control over any situation.


Stand out. Set yourself apart from everybody else who tries to approach her. Copying other men might be tempting, especially if you can see their approaches work, but never repeat the exact same tired compliments or pickup lines. Stay concentrated and relaxed and come across as somebody who is original and fresh.


Use subtle tricks. Learn techniques of seduction that make use of subtle methods. They might sound implausible, but the world's greatest pickup artists will attest that they actually work wonders. Fractionation would be one "dark art" that you could use to seduce women.


This technique of seduction is fascinating. However, if you choose to try it out, you need to be very careful since this method is highly powerful and could cause several negative effects when used carelessly. In fact, it is even known to seduce women in mere minutes!


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