Good Habits for Kids

2017-07-14 09:10:12


Raising kids can be a greatly fulfilling experience but one that comes with a lot of responsibility. Everyone knows the importance of good habits for children because only if they have been brought up well, will they grow up to be happy and mature adults. Many problems we are facing these days can be dealt with if children are brought up properly with love and care.


Many parents feel that a strict hand will ensure that the child will be well behaved. This is far from the truth as this approach can have loads of drawbacks. The child may grow up to be meek or even resentful. On the other hand, an extremely lenient approach can, in some cases, cloud the child's judgment. Knowing good habits for kids is not enough, you must also teach your child these habits. Since there is no such list of good habits for kids, there are certain etiquette and things that a child must know in order to be a responsible, level headed adult as this is very important for child development.


Children are born innocent as everyone knows but they are really good observers. They pick up signals and instructions on how to live by noticing their environment. Children must learn to respect not only their elders but children from their age group also. They should be polite and respectful when talking to their elders and children of their age group. The best way to inculcate this habit in your child is by being respectful yourself. As a parent, it is your duty to set a good example for your child. A child should listen to what his elders say to him.


Many times one sees children behaving with a lot of aggression and arrogance. They bully the younger ones and make hurtful remarks. Moreover, as a parent, you should also be alert for your kid's safety and protect your child from teasing and bullying. A child must be taught to be humble, for that he has to treat everyone as equals. Aggressive behavior in a child should not be encouraged. Throwing tantrums also stems from this tendency to be stubborn. One of the good habits for kids is that they should also be helpful to everyone and this will only happen if they are humble. The habit of helping old people in tasks like carrying groceries or crossing roads can be inculcated in a child.


Parents must work towards instilling confidence in children. This is important as many character flaws occur because of low self-esteem. He must also be taught to value self-esteem of others and never indulge in any behavior that can harm someone's self-image. A child should not be judgmental about appearances or circumstances of other people. To never judge people just on the face value is another good habit. A child must refrain from insulting adults or other children. Good habits of sleeping on time and waking up on time will greatly help the child to be healthy and happy.


Healthy habits must be inculcated in a child so that he becomes a healthy adult later in life. A child must know the importance of eating his vegetables and other nutritious food. Daily exercise and playing outdoors is also important.


One of the most needed good habits for kids is to teach them to love and respect everyone and every creature. They must not be cruel to animals, they must be compassionate and forgiving. This is important to preserve their innocence and making them humble. Ensure that the child spends quality time with his grandparents and parents, as it would make both grandparents and the kid happy.


Aside from the above qualities, a child must have some basic good habits like saying "please" and "thank you". He must not interrupt elders when they are talking. A child has to learn not to use abusive or foul language.


Other than these habits, maintaining basic hygiene is also one of the many good habits for kids. A child should brush his teeth before and after going to bed. Children must wash their hands before and after eating a meal. They should cover their mouth while sneezing or coughing.


The best way to teach children good habits is by setting a good example. Good habits for kids and instilling values in children go hand in hand, you can't do one without another. These good habits for kids will ensure that your child grows up to be a loving and caring person who is self-disciplined and thus, not only will they succeed in life but will also be gracious enough to have their feet firmly grounded.


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