Win Yourself

2017-08-09 15:04:03


Win over every situation you face in your daily life? Manage your stress levels at all times to be able to give the best of your true potential? Create a healthy, wealthy and happy peaceful life?


These are some of the common questions most of us find difficult to answer, but not as difficult as they sound when you go about your life with a perfect planning, vision and dedication. Life always gives us many sorts of problems and issues to face, be it work, social, health or family related. This sometimes can give rise to stress, anxiety or depression in the form of adverse reactions we show when we have to face excessive pressure.


It is not the stressor that bothers us, it is rather our reaction to it that troubles us. Say for example, you are caught up in the middle of a traffic and all of a sudden some vehicles are moving towards you rapidly. What would you do? If you become nervous and stressed about the situation and do nothing, you are sure to meet an accident. Rather you should overcome the stressor, think quickly and act instantly to move yourself away from the vehicles.


Stress is a part of our daily life, we come across many situations and circumstances that create stress in us. It is quite impossible to eliminate all such circumstances that cause stress, anxiety and depression. So we need to reduce our response to it. All we need is a physical, mental or emotional adjustment whenever we face a stress situation.


The key here is to change yourself from the bottom of your heart before you change the circumstances or else it would be hard for you to adjust to the environment. There are some simple but very effective strategies to successfully manage your stress levels at all times:


Self-care: honor yourself well to make you happy and efficient. Before retiring from your day, relax thoroughly both mentally and physically, think of your problem, think it through but do not fear it. Gain a success attitude. After you have gone this far, remove all thoughts of the problem from your conscious mind, knowing that the solution will be forthcoming at the right time. Lastly... Sleep well and sound.


Love your environment: adapt yourself to your environment, be it your workplace or home. Do whatever that makes you comfortable. When something is bothering you, try to divert yourself and maintain your cold head. You can try listening to your favorite songs, videos or any good memories that will make you feel good and happy. A stressed mind can never take good decisions.


Practice emotional independence: it is very important for you to make yourself emotionally strong and independent. Know yourself first, discover your traits and work to overcome them. You can practice your choice of stress therapy that suits you well. It could be meditation, yoga, acupressure or any of your hobbies that can make you feel good and happy whenever you are to face stress.


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