Spend Your Spare Time Productively

2017-08-12 10:17:10


"Leisure is not a right, it's a privilege", goes an old saying. Unfortunately, most of us take our spare time for granted and spend it doing nothing. It is during our hectic schedules, that we truly realize the value of leisure. This realization can only lead in a better utilization of our spare time.


There are many productive things to do, which will benefit you irrespective of your personal choice.


If you think that the Internet browsing is only for young computer geeks, then you are absolutely wrong. The cyberspace has everything to offer for everyone. If you have been intrigued by a certain political, social cause or a new invention then "google" it for more information. Social networking is yet another way of spending your time productively. You can get in touch with long lost friends or you can even make new ones. Just make sure you know your limits, getting addicted to anything is definitely not advisable.


Helping others is the most productive thing you can do, not only to enrich your own life but also that of others. If you have less workload at office, offer a helping hand to a colleague, who's dreading his day. Similarly, help your spouse with his/her chores for the day and see them flash that smile at you, which you so longed for. You can even consider devoting some of your spare time for charity work or a social cause. However, remember one thing, you are doing this because you are a generous soul and not because you expect the favor to be returned someday.


Improve your skills - any skills related to your work or personal pleasure. If you are among those people who develop cold feet at the sight of a computer, then learning computer is the best way to utilize your spare time. Same goes for any gadget you fumble with. If your work demands you to possess some extra skills, then devoting your spare time to improve these skills is a good way of enhancing your career prospects.


Clutter and mess can drastically reduce your productivity at work as well as at home. Clearing the clutter is one of the best productive things to do. Clean your desk or your room and arrange the things in proper order. Making your computer drives clutter free by defragmentation is also a good idea. Eliminate the clutter from all the possible sites and you'll find yourself filled with positive energy. This is also one of the fundamentals of Feng Shui.


All of us are willing to go that extra mile for spending quality time with loved ones. But how often have you thought about spending some time with "yourself'"? It may seem strange, but the truth is that, we hardly get time to introspect our actions, which decide the course of our life. Hence, if you are left with some time for yourself, make the best of it. Perform meditation, go to a spa, listen to your favorite music, take a vacation - in short do anything that will help you connect with your soul in a better manner. Use this time to evaluate what exactly you want from life and what all you have to offer in return.


If you learn to respect your time, you'll realize that there is really no dearth of productive things to do in your life.


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