Wife Affair Signs

2017-08-13 07:54:39


When you think your wife is being unfaithful, you begin to search for clues around the house. The problem is how to tell what is innocent behavior and what are signs of an affair. There are some signs of a cheating wife. These clues will help you know what to look for if you believe she's having an affair.


Your mutual friends begin to act kinda strange around you. Almost like they know something is going on, but don't want you to know.


She sets up a new email account and keeps it a secret from you.


Her caller IDs on her cell phone and the home phone are always empty.


When you answer the phone (her cell phone or the home phone), the other person immediately hangs up.


She starts wearing sexy panties and bras (in a color she knows you don't like).


She suddenly begins new sex techniques and acting very differently during sex.


She will have scratches or bruises on her that she cannot explain.


She begins to take unexplained 20-minute trips to the store for no apparent reason.


She will pick a fight with you just to have a reason to get out of the home and "blow off some steam".


She will not let you help with the laundry and the bed sheets get washed more frequently.


She will spend a lot of time on the computer when you go to bed.


You have this gut feeling that she is cheating on you. Your gut feeling is usually right.


She will begin to wear make-up and jewelry, even when she hasn't worn it in years.


A great clue is the fact you have to ask if she is cheating in the first place.


Sitting around worrying and wondering "is she cheating" can eat you up inside. Stop beating yourself up and find out once and for all if she is cheating on you. The truth will hurt, but it's better than pacing the floors and beating yourself up.


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