Leo Man

2017-08-20 09:02:19


Leo is a fire sign, so Leo men are stubborn, dominate and can be tyrannical. They can also be very selfish, since they will pursue their own ends with no mind to the consequences. At best, this can be that they simply get too wrapped up in work to remember to come home for dinner. At worst, they can be manipulative, and so selfish that they disregard anyone else's needs.


Leos are very charismatic, and they are the kind who waits around for other people to come to them. They truly believe they are extremely special and that they are a gift to everyone. Thus, they are very extroverted, but if they decide something - or someone - is their new project, they will not stop until they have completed their goals, no matter what it takes. They will not even consider their own motivations. Leos also have a very short fuse that they must learn to control if they don't want to blow up and lose the people most important to them. Leos love fun, excitement, and being recognized. They command people's attention and respect and become very angry when they don't get it.


These men can be difficult to handle, and are not the type to cuddle in front of the TV. Rather, these men will be out and about, even after they're married, wanting fun and excitement and if they set their eyes on some prize, they will be sure to go after it, no matter the consequences.


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