The Importance of a Hobby

2017-08-27 07:54:40


In this world we are forced to do things that we do not enjoy. We compromise at many points of our life. We study what will help us find a good job. We do the job which will give us good money. However, we can get immense pleasure in engaging ourselves for some time in our favorite activity not for any remuneration but simply to please ourselves. This activity is defined as hobby.


We engage ourselves in a hobby that we enjoy. Some of the most popular and common pastimes are reading, painting, music, cooking, stamp and coin collection, various sports, writing and travelling. Although, there are many other activities that people do as hobbies, some of them are strange and rare and some very difficult and unique, like ghost hunting, tornado chasing, autograph collection, robot building, cryptozoology, insect collection and many more.


Whatever our hobby is, we get a lot of benefits from it:


It is always good to spend our free time doing something that we like the most. A hobby helps us to use our free time in a pleasant manner.


A hobby can help us come out of our monotonous routine and let our mind think a new and different way.


Playing guitar or reading five pages of a book can definitely relax us and let us come out of our day-to-day stress. Doing something that we enjoy and are passionate about is always a big stress buster.


It increases the concentration level.


A hobby gives us chances to learn something new. Our passion about something to let us discover more information helps us gaining additional experience.


An empty mind is a house of devil but engaging ourselves in a hobby during our free time protects our mind from evil thoughts and helps our creative mind to open up.


A hobby gives the opportunity to make new friends with a similar interest.


Senior citizens and retired people often have enough free time that can be utilized for relaxing and entertaining hobbies. They can make lots of new people and may forget their pains for a while.


It helps our mind to become and stay creative. There are no rules and regulations when we do something for our own refreshment and we can use our childhood fantasy and can allow our emotions to flow, as they want.


Some of the people turn their hobbies into their business. Although, only few people can get so lucky but it is undoubtedly a great experience to use our hobby as our profession. It can give us an extra income if we turn our hobby into a profession. Recreational activities can also give us a good status, name and fame in the society.


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