Cool Things to Draw When Bored

2017-09-03 11:08:09


Boredom and drudgery are the greatest evils. All of man's life is a tale of endeavors to escape boredom! Drawing is a great way to kick boredom away and open the doors of creativity. Learn how to draw and find one more way of killing boredom.


Making funny cartoons is one of the coolest things you could do when you're bored. Many painters and graphic artists have found their drawing talent, when they were in dire straits of boredom, prompting them to start making cartoon sketches of their teachers and professors in exercise books! Some of the cool things to draw on paper are cartoons and sketches of people around you! Every face around you has something uniquely beautiful and funny about it. Try to find that out. You may also draw yourself in a mirror, if you so desire!


A cartoon is all about exaggerating some feature of a person's face to create humor. You never know when this may go beyond just being one of the cool things to do when bored to becoming an obsession. You could end up making a career out of this as a cartoonist, if your sketching ability is complemented with a sense of humor of the sarcastic type!


Other than cartoons, other cool things to draw when bored are portraits, still life pictures, design patterns and much more. You could even think of cool things to draw on graph paper by using the grids as reference points.


Drawing has been our prehistoric pastime. Our stone age ancestors gave vent to their creative drive by painting on cave walls. To this day, their descendants continue with this drawing tradition but now on walls and call it graffiti! All you need is a spray gun and a wall! The art of drawing graffiti is one of those really cool things you could try your hand at.


If you are sitting bored in a classroom with nothing to do and you have chalks around and a board. Start drawing pictures on the board with a chalk. You could make all kinds of sketches. You could give slant cuts to chalks which will help in shading the sketches. With different amounts of pressure applied, you could create different shades. Use multiple color chalks and let your imagination run wild on the board. This is one of the cool things to draw when bored in school.


When you are bored, let your imagination run wild. You could experiment with a lot of surfaces to draw on. One such surface to draw is your shoes if you are the kind who loves to do radical things. With multiple color sprays, you could convert your bland looking shoes into a fashion statement! Experiment and have fun.


If you do not have paper, not to worry, you can always have some cool things to draw on your hand. You could draw design patterns on your hand with a ball pen or a sketch pen.


You need to draw on your creative potential to draw well! If you want to have fun with it, don't be a slave to your subject. Change things, move things around, put crazy lines here and there for no good reason. Don't just copy something, but create something. Think of yourself as an artist (not a camera). If you do a portrait, change the background or the hair style of the subject or maybe dress it different. Get a few differnent reference photos and create one picture from them. Basically drawing anything is boring, but creating something is awesome!!!


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