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Journaling is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to accelerate your personal development. You don't have to be a great writer, perfect speller, or creative thinker to keep a personal journal. As a great way to process everything that you're going through, both high and low, journaling is an effective stress management tool that provides numerous emotional and health benefits. The process of journaling - recording your thoughts, goals and dreams - is not a new concept. What is new is the concept of writing in a journal with the intent to attract your wishes and desires to you.


With traditional journaling, you write down your current thoughts and your future goals from the point of view of "some day" you will achieve them. The journal is more like an overview of things you want some day. Journaling with the intent to attract wishes and desires is done from the point of view of already having your desires. Essentually you are writing from the end result - as if it has already happened.


Many people do not understand how the process of journaling can change your life, after all it is just writing. Yet it works, and it is one of the best processes when someone is wanting to begin changing their life.


Journaling to attract brings the future into your current reality. Start by writing out your desire as if it is your current reality - this makes it feel more real and lets your mind pretend it is happening now - instead of something you want to happen.


Write it out as you want it to be - the people who are there, the places you will go, the lifestyle you will have etc. Every day write it out again, and don't worry if you change some details as you change your vision of the desire. In fact, change is good because it is helping your mind finetune the details. Each time you write out the journal your subconscious mind will allow a little more of this vision to be believed as reality. Slowly, over time, you will bring your subconscious mind, your dominant beliefs and your inner vibration in line with your desires. The more in line you become the faster the desire will be attracted to you.


Journaling is not done to try to make magic happen - but instead it is done to bring your inner dominant beliefs to be a match with your desire. Once your beliefs are a match - the desire must manifest. It may suddenly appear, or you may receive it as a gift, or you could get a job promotion that will pay for it, or you may be relocated, or an old friend may appear and introduce you to someone, or you may find an opportunity that is exactly what you want.


Your job is to simply journal every day and bring your mind up to speed with the belief around your desire. Your job is not to worry about how it will appear - you will know what step or action to take once your mind is lined up. The next step will be obvious.


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