Internet Infidelity

2017-09-23 10:44:17


These days, the Internet plays a huge role in many extramarital affairs and fuels infidelity in a number of ways, making Internet infidelity a reason for divorce in many cases. It makes access to other cheaters easier and has changed the infidelity landscape. A cheating husband no longer has to creep out of the house and visit a bar or night club to try to meet women. All he has to do is log onto the Internet, at home or at his office, and millions of women on thousands of different dating sites and "social networking" sites are literally just a few clicks away.


Cheaters usually get involved in "cyber sex" relationships for the same reasons that people seek to cheat in the real world. Sometimes, it's a matter of the person being bored or unfulfilled in their relationship. In other cases, the person gets off on the "thrill" of pursuing a secret relationship. It can be more difficult to spot the signs of cheaters when they are limiting the affair to the cyberspace.


Some cheaters are drawn towards the anonymity and escapism that the Internet provides. They may never even meet any of their "cyber flings" in the real world. As long as they're behind a computer screen and typing on their keyboard, they can pretend to be anyone they want to be. The cheating husbands can attract women with all manner of lies about who they are, their marital status, and what they do for a living. Joe, the unemployed 47-year-old with a beer gut and a wife and four kids, can "reinvent" himself as a young hunk who is single and ready to mingle. All he needs is a phony profile picture and a little bit of imagination.


Cyber-cheating isn't just limited to men meeting new, random women. On a social site you can easily get back in touch with people you haven't talked to in years. This means the next time the cheating husband is feeling bored or lonely at the computer, he can look up virtually any woman he ever slept with - or wanted to sleep with - and contact them!


As for the definition of cyber-cheating, there are different views on this. One example would be viewing Internet porn. While most men would call this a harmless activity, some women would consider it a form of cheating - and other women might have no problem at all with their husbands looking at porn, since it's a "safe" outlet for their natural urges.


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