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Soccer is the most played and most watched sport on Earth. It is like a religion for more than a billion soccer lovers. However, the game is known as "soccer" only in North America, while the rest of the world recognizes it as "football". In North America, the game of "Grid Iron" is actually known as "football", hence the disparity between the worldwide football definitions. Actually the name soccer is a corrupt form of the original term "association of football", abbreviated as "assoc" and is the most recognized sport in the world today. Played in almost every country and unequivocally loved, soccer is rather worshiped like a religion, with its players being Gods!


The Romans played a game said to be the origin of soccer game of the modern era. In the early days of the game, the referees used to wave a handkerchief to control the players. The whistles were introduced in the game in 1878. Undoubtedly, the sport is most popular in Europe and South America, but its origins could be found in China, more than 2000 years ago. In 14th century England, the game was banned for being too violent, but ironically, the first ever soccer match was played in Derby, in England itself. The world's oldest club formed in 1857 is Sheffield FC. Soccer became an Olympic sport in 1908.


I bet, you didn't know that more than 80% of the world's soccer balls are produced in Pakistan. The World Cup, held in a different country after every 4 years, is the biggest and the most desired event amongst the game's fans. The first ever soccer World Cup was held in 1930, won by the host country, Uruguay. The number of spectators was 300. Mexico is the only country to host the soccer World Cup event twice. Brazil has won 5 World Cups. An interesting fact is that European countries have always been in the World Cup finals, except for the years 1930 and 1950.


India pulled away from the 1950 World Cup because the players were not allowed to play without shoes. The 1950 World Cup game between Uruguay and Brazil at the Maracana Stadium, recorded the highest number of spectators, 199,854! From the year 1962 to 1996, the World Cup was won alternatively by the Europeans and South Americans. The first player to be red carded was the Chile player Carlos Caszely, during the 1974 World Cup. The Brazilian star player Ronaldo, became the all-time highest goal scorer in World Cup events in 2006, when he outnumbered the German legend "Gerd Müller". He was honored as the most valuable player of the 1998 World Cup, despite the defeat of his team to France. German international player, Oliver Kahn became the first goalkeeper to win the most valuable player of the World Cup in 2002. He was the first goalkeeper to do so. The woman's World Cup was held in 1999, which America had won. Mia Hamm, the most successful US soccer player was once the national collegiate player of North Carolina University. She also represented the 1999 World Cup and the two "Olympic gold" winning US teams.


Soccer players are treated as a celebrity throughout their lives. They are fortunate enough to receive tremendous love and affection from their numerous fans. To cash in on this immense popularity, "professional soccer" came into existence. It is one place, where billion-dollar transfer of payers take place regardless of their country. The players earn this extreme popularity by their superior personal skills. Modern professional players like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo are extremely popular in the soccer loving world. David Beckham is said to be the richest soccer player with total earning of more than $50 million.


The first live coverage of a soccer match shown on television was in 1937. It was a practice match of Arsenal and was played at Highbury stadium. In the largest soccer tournament ever, no less than 5,098 teams competed in 1999 for the second Bangkok League Seven-a-Side Competition, with over 35,000 players involved! The most goals scored by one player in a single soccer match was 16 - Stephan Stanis (France) playing for Racing Club de Lens in December 1942. Based on video evidence, one of the fastest ever scored was in 2.8 seconds by Ricardo Olivera (Uruguay) in December 1998. During a match played in Paraguay between Sportivo Ameliano and General Caballero, a total of 20 red cards were shown. Norman Whiteside was the youngest player ever to play the game of soccer. He broke Pele's record by playing at the age of 17 years and 47 days. Rotherham United goalkeeper Arthur Wharton, born in Ghana, was the first black professional player, in 1889. Liberian player, George Weah paid for the team's uniforms and all the expenses, so that the team could play in the 1996 African Nations' Cup. Nigerian born Chelsea player Celestine Babayaro injured his leg while celebrating his debut goal in a preseason match, while Luigi Riva, Italian international player, broke an arm of a spectator due to his powerful shot. In 1978, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was fired for swearing a lady during a match. Italian striker Giuseppe Meazza's "playing shorts" fell down when he was taking a penalty shot in a semifinal match in the 1938 World Cup. Famous soccer rivalries include the Old Firm (Scotland), Manchester derby, London derbies, Milan derby, Real Madrid vs Barcelona, and many more. Michael Laudrup was a part of the Barcelona team when they won against Real Madrid 5-0. He was a part of the Real Madrid team when they won 5-0 against Barcelona as well.


<![CDATA[Fighting Negativity ]]>  

Fighting negativity can be the biggest fight of your life. Even in the best of times, negativity can rear its ugly head and create problems. In today's turbulent economic climate, fighting negativity may seem an almost impossible task. However, it's more important now than ever to keep negativity at bay.


No one likes to be around negative people. The attitudes of people around you as well as your friends play a major role in dragging you into the perils of negativity. If you feel negative energy or negative advices being given, then distance yourself from them mentally or emotionally. Negative energies around people easily rub off to those who interact with them unless you take it upon yourself to cheer them up.


Negative people have a huge problem with people - they are just too critical and they cannot help it. You must make it a point to accept other people's flaws and mind your own business. No one is perfect and not everyone can be like you - and that's a daunting reality.


Stop stressing too much about the future. "Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be"' - it is going to happen no matter what, either it will be good, or it may turn out bad, why spoil your today fretting over something which might happen tomorrow? It's okay if things fail - there "is" always a tomorrow.


Life is not perfect. We all have ups and downs. Everyone has problems. Man always yearns for better things. It's how we find peace in what we have today and be thankful for that half a glass of water you have with which you can at least wet your lips! Celebrate your victories and be thankful for the little joys in life by looking at those below you.


<![CDATA[Chatting over a Cup of Tea]]>  

Nowadays, tea is used to bind people together. When a Chinese invites someone to a cup of tea he may simply intend for a relaxed chat, but sometimes the real intention may be beyond that. For example, when misunderstanding occurs between two people and one of the involved invites the other to a cup of tea for a chat, the invitor may want to take the opportunity to explain the issue to the other so as to dispel the misunderstanding. Also, if someone needs your help but does not want to appear imprudent, he may take the opportunity to talk to you so that you could help him. For tea party addicts, they frequent it not because they just need to drink but because they want the milieu. They chat away with mates over a cup of tea that often takes hours to get over!


<![CDATA[Anxiety Sweating]]>  

Sweating of any kind can have a detrimental effect on a person's moral, and this can be especially true of anxiety sweating, considered as natural function experienced when a person is angry, nervous or under stress.


Many people encounter the problem of anxiety sweating, where they break out into cold or hot sweats without any reason. Anxiety sweating at night is quite common and is faced by many people quite frequently. There is some difference of opinion among the medical professionals over whether anxiety actually induces sweating or not. While some of them feel that heavy sweating is one of the anxiety symptoms and it occurs when the mind is under a lot of stress, there are some who opine that anxiety does not play any role in producing excess sweat. Rather, anxiety aggravates the symptoms of the already existing hyperhidrosis (a health condition that causes profuse perspiration).


Anxiety sweating becomes severe while facing some stressful situation like a business meeting or standing in a crowd in a social gathering. It makes a socially embarrassing position for the person. They develop a habit of checking their hands and arms. They grow a tendency to avoid people. This can have an adverse effect on the mental and physical health of the person. Those who have this problem often suffer from lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. It can make them depressed and anxiety can take control over their entire life.


Anxiety sweating cure involves identification of the root cause triggering the condition. If it is caused due to anxiety disorder, then when the anxiety is controlled the problem of sweating will go. Otherwise, treatment is needed to check the sweating.


Anxiety and sweating go hand in hand. When you sweat, you start feeling embarrassed and you become tensed. This underlying anxiety will make you sweat even more. In this way, you break out into heavy sweating. When you learn how to keep yourself tension free, then you will stop worrying about your sweating problem which in turn will keep a check on the sweating. Deep breathing techniques, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy are some of the techniques helpful in managing the stress and anxiety problems. When you learn these techniques, it facilitates better stress management and you can keep your mind in a relaxed state. Anxiety sweating medication are mainly antidepressants and can be used to cure the anxiety. However, it is used only in severe cases as they have some adverse side effects.


There are certain measures that you should take to prevent sweating. Wear loose fitting clothes to keep your body cool. Take a shower every day. Use an antibacterial soap to keep your body free from germs associated with sweating. Keep the environment where you spend maximum time, your home and office, cool. If required, keep a small fan with you. Do not use deodorants as they can check the body odor but not perspiration. Rather, use antiperspirants. Exclude all those food substances from the diet that can cause sweating. They are: spicy food and foods with sugary content, caffeine alcohol, etc.


<![CDATA[Internet Infidelity ]]>  

These days, the Internet plays a huge role in many extramarital affairs and fuels infidelity in a number of ways, making Internet infidelity a reason for divorce in many cases. It makes access to other cheaters easier and has changed the infidelity landscape. A cheating husband no longer has to creep out of the house and visit a bar or night club to try to meet women. All he has to do is log onto the Internet, at home or at his office, and millions of women on thousands of different dating sites and "social networking" sites are literally just a few clicks away.


Cheaters usually get involved in "cyber sex" relationships for the same reasons that people seek to cheat in the real world. Sometimes, it's a matter of the person being bored or unfulfilled in their relationship. In other cases, the person gets off on the "thrill" of pursuing a secret relationship. It can be more difficult to spot the signs of cheaters when they are limiting the affair to the cyberspace.


Some cheaters are drawn towards the anonymity and escapism that the Internet provides. They may never even meet any of their "cyber flings" in the real world. As long as they're behind a computer screen and typing on their keyboard, they can pretend to be anyone they want to be. The cheating husbands can attract women with all manner of lies about who they are, their marital status, and what they do for a living. Joe, the unemployed 47-year-old with a beer gut and a wife and four kids, can "reinvent" himself as a young hunk who is single and ready to mingle. All he needs is a phony profile picture and a little bit of imagination.


Cyber-cheating isn't just limited to men meeting new, random women. On a social site you can easily get back in touch with people you haven't talked to in years. This means the next time the cheating husband is feeling bored or lonely at the computer, he can look up virtually any woman he ever slept with - or wanted to sleep with - and contact them!


As for the definition of cyber-cheating, there are different views on this. One example would be viewing Internet porn. While most men would call this a harmless activity, some women would consider it a form of cheating - and other women might have no problem at all with their husbands looking at porn, since it's a "safe" outlet for their natural urges.


<![CDATA[Itchy Skin at Night]]>  

Itchy skin can lead to sleepless nights and disturbed routine, and itching especially at night is really disturbing. The really tough cases are patients who are chronically itchy but have absolutely nothing to see on the skin. Anyway, itchy skin can be caused due to a number of factors.


Allergies to chemicals in a mattress or bedding can be a cause. The fabric of the bedding or mattress can also intensify the itching. Some fabrics cause irritation to our skin, you must avoid wearing clothes made of such fabrics. Also, itchy skin can be caused due to the use of a soap or detergent that you are allergic to.


The body skin becomes dehydrated after menopause. It may become itchy at night if the fluids are not being consumed in the required amount. Itchy skin during menopause is a very common problem.


Cirrhosis of the liver is a chronic disease that interferes with the normal functioning of the liver. This disease creates bile byproducts that travel to the skin and cause extreme itching which may become much noticeable at nighttime. The major cause of this disease is chronic alcoholism.


Psoriasis is a skin disease, characterized by dry red patches covered with scales. This may mainly affect the scalp, ears, genitalia and the skin over bony areas. This skin disease can cause itchy skin at night mainly due to friction with rough bed covers.


If your skin is over-exposed to sun or tanning rays, this may lead to irritating and itchy skin at night. Keep yourself hydrated and cool by drinking lots of fluids like fresh fruit juices and most importantly water. Stay away from aerated drinks.


Most of us have a habit of taking shower before going to bed. A hot shower is definitely good for relaxing your muscles, but this can also cause itchy skin at night. A hot shower dries out your skin and by the middle of the night, it becomes extremely dry due to friction with the bedding and clothes leading to itchy skin at night. This is one of the main causes of itchy skin after shower. Dry skin is one of the main itchy skin causes.


Itchy skin bumps can result from various skin diseases. The cause can be determined according to the location of the bumps. Itchy scalp can be caused due to head lice, folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle), psoriasis, or lichen simplex which is a form of eczema.


Skin bumps due to acne can be seen on the face, neck or trunk of the body, while certain skin disorders like eczema (dyshidrotic eczema) and psoriasis will affect the hands or feet. Insect bites will be found on the areas not covered by clothing or hair. Itchy bumps accompanied by skin rashes on the genitals can be due to molluscum, lichen planus, pubic lice or scabies. Skin stretching and hormonal fluctuations are the most probable cause of itchy skin during pregnancy.


What are the remedies?


You must moisturize your skin at least twice a day to avoid itchy skin. Applying a moisturizer soon after taking a bath will help avoid itching. Remember that damp skin retains moisture better than dry skin.


Take shorter and cooler showers or baths because hot showers will dry out your skin and cause irritation.


Oatmeal baths are very effective in treating itchy skin. You can also have a milk bath and sprinkle some oatmeal powder in it. Oatmeal bath powders are easily available.


Keep away the harsh soaps and detergents, perfumes and deodorants. Switch over to mild and fragrance-free detergents and soaps.


Keep your fingernails away from your skin. Scratching your skin will irritate it and lead to infections.


Clean your skin with water and dry it thoroughly before you go to bed. Also, apply a moisturizer.


Make sure you wear loose and preferably cotton fabrics which won't irritate your skin. Also, use a proper fabric for your bedclothes and cushion cover.


Itchy skin at night can be avoided by maintaining proper skin care and hygiene. Remember to keep your skin clean and moisturized all the time and stay free from itching at night.


<![CDATA[A Good Writer]]>  

If you are a voracious reader, you must have encountered the dilemma if you had to choose between the best amongst your favorites. It is certainly a tough task considering the greats of writing.


Writing is an art as well as a science. Writing is an art since it has various styles to it and it is a science as you would use different techniques to write it.


Just as you need to listen meticulously to develop your singing or music skills, you would ideally want to read a lot to become a good writer. The more you read, the better your vocabulary, your writing style, your sense of usage of words would become. Thus, reading is very crucial when you are aspiring to become a good writer.


You need to have a linguistic sense and interest in a language. Language opens the doors of that culture for you, helping you to understand and portray it better. Thus, taking an avid interest in any language and then learning it to the best of your capabilities can help you become a good writer. Good language skills and expression in that language is imperative for a writer. Your language needs to be catchy and appealing and should hold the interest of the readers. You can cultivate language skills, but some are born with that tiny little germ of writing, while some might be not. If you have that, it becomes a bit easier otherwise it could be a tough task.


Writing skills are necessary, but you should have knowledge of what you are writing about, otherwise your writing skills are bound to go in vain. Therefore, make sure you get your facts right. This is a very important issue when you are addressing the issue of what makes a good writer. To become a good writer, you must become more attuned to the sensory world, observing scent, sound, sight, touch and taste, noting both the commonplace and the eccentric.


You have the knowledge, you have great vocabulary and linguistic expression, and are an avid reader. These things might prove to be a hindrance in writing as well. That is if you are a good writer, you may tend to use flowery language and try to show off your prolific language skills rather than putting across your point clearly. That may prove to be a hindrance to your writing skills and will lead to unnecessary ambiguity. Thus, being lucid is important and using flowery language with discretion is what is ideal.


All these were the basics for becoming a good writer. However, there are a few traits one needs to have to be a good writer. A writer needs to be original in his thinking and should be perceptive. Creativity and passion form the base of the iceberg called writing! Add to that a dash of imagination and considerable wit, and you are there. The writer should also be empathetic towards the target readership. If a writer is not empathetic and sensitive enough to others, then he would not be able to strike a chord with his or her readers. And that is surely not a sign of good writer. Never rush writing. Writing requires patience and time to produce great results. Never compare yourself to another writer. Writers have their own style and voices; no two are alike.


<![CDATA[Double Chin]]>  

Gaining extra weight is not much of a concern until we see some visible signs of that extra fat, like a double chin that makes one look more fat, more aged and sometimes even ugly and unattractive!


The most common reason of getting a double chin is obesity. When there is a complete lack of adequate exercise and improper diet, it causes the fat to increase. This fat gets stored into places like below the chin, which causes a double chin. Heredity is another major reason for a double chin. Just like other physical characteristics, double chin could also be inherited. But most of the time, it is associated with the excessive intake of fats. When the body loses its elasticity, the skin under the chin becomes loose and droops, which causes a double chin. But this cause is only valid in the case of older people. Surprisingly, wrong posture can also be one of the causes of a double chin. People generally tend to slump down during long hours of work. This can make the muscles in the front of the neck to become frail, and this can also cause a double chin.


The first way to get rid and also to prevent a double chin is to have a balanced diet and avoid foods having high amounts of calories, like junk food.


You cannot get rid of double chin naturally and you have to work at it, at least a bit! Double chin exercise is the best way to get rid of double chin. So, start moving if you want to lose unwanted face fat quickly. Do not wait until more fat piles up. Dedicate your time and effort to make that change:


Lie down straight with your hands and legs on the floor. Slowly bring down your chin to your chest and keep it pressed there for 2-3 seconds. Then take your head back as much as you can and repeat the same procedure at least 25 times. Stand upright and tilt your head backwards, slowly. Do not do it in a fast motion as it can cause a cramp. Tilt your head backwards, as much as possible, with your mouth closed. Hold it in the same position for about 10 seconds and slowly bring it in the front. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times a day. Stand comfortably and try to close your upper lip with your lower lip as far as possible. Stand in the same position for about 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times. Lie down on your back, keeping your hands and legs straight. Now slowly lift up the chin in the highest position possible. Do not lift your head. Hold this position for 2 seconds and then slowly bring your chin down. Repeat this exercise for about 25 times. Tap the lower part of the chin with the back of your hand for 10 seconds and make 10 repetitions of the same. Press the lower part of your chin with your thumb for 10 seconds. Make 10 repetitions of this as well.


In addition to special exercises, chin liposuction is one way to get rid of double chin fast, but this method is expensive as well as risky. These are some other ways to get rid of double chin without surgery. Sugar-free gum can reduce a double chin. Gum requires lots of chewing and this chewing keeps the facial muscles moving, which in turn avoids the concentration of fat. There are also many double chin lotions and gels said to be effective in reducing double chin.


<![CDATA[Sing Better]]>  

How to sing better is a question that many aspiring singers ask.


Many people are of the opinion that the art of singing is something a person is born with...a God-given gift, a natural talent. Therefore, the general belief or opinion is that a singer is always born, and that a person cannot be "made" into a singer. Perhaps singers (especially all the great ones) are always born; but with consistent practice, hard work and sincerity, even a tone deaf person can be nurtured into becoming an above-average or better-than-amateur level singer.


So, if you want to learn to sing better, here are some points and tips to keep in mind.


First and foremost, you should know what your voice type is. For male singers, you need to find out whether your voice classifies as a tenor, bass, baritone or a countertenor. Female voices are typically classified as either soprano, mezzo-soprano or contralto. What voice type your voice belongs to will depend on a number of factors such as your vocal range, your voice texture, the timbre, the weight of your voice, the voice color, etc. It is recommended that you first visit a vocal trainer and understand these basics before you proceed with your singing practice sessions.


Understand what your vocal tone is, i.e. the tonal quality produced when you sing. Tone is a very important element of music. Vocal tone differs with every singer. Knowing your vocal tone will help you in identifying the types of songs that complement or suit your voice. This will benefit you, should you decide to audition for a competition or a talent hunt. For example, if you have a thin, sharp tone then you should pick songs sung by singers having that kind of tone. Identifying, understanding and making intelligent use of your vocal tone will make you a better singer, and also a clever singer.


Open voice is very important and something that you should pay attention to, if you want to learn how to sing better. Always sing in an open voice. No whispering, croaking or singing in a closed voice. It is not the right way to sing and will only damage your vocal chords. There are three parameters of an open voice: velum, diaphragm and broad jawline. How and what role they play in an open voice, is something best understood from a good vocal trainer or voice coach. If you want to sing well you need to have a good posture. Standing straight and tall gives your speech organs like the lungs and diaphragm room to expand and it also makes you look confident.


Improving your motor skills and body language will help you greatly in singing with an open voice and with better expression. Motor skills come from generating freedom within. As a singer (or a performing artiste), you should just let yourself go. Free yourself of all mental, emotional and psychological inhibitions. A performing artiste should be completely carefree and freewheeling. It makes a helluva difference in the presentation of his or her art.


One of the most important but often overlooked aspects of better and good singing is to develop a good breath control technique. Many new or untrained singers don't even have an inkling that by breathing correctly, they are not only able to hold a note longer, have a more steady tone and will not become breathless easily. That is why having good singing lessons before a singer launch his/her singing career is so vitally important. Drink lots of water, as this helps your voice become better.


Last but not the least, practice. A singer may be born with a God-gifted voice and loads of natural talent; but nurturing, developing and polishing that raw talent with regular practice is what will make him a successful, long-lasting singer. Even the singers with the most beautiful voices need to practice as well. Singing is like working out – you have to do it constantly or you won't make any progress. Devote a few minutes every day to practice your vocal exercises and singing lessons. Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of applications and softwares you can make use of, to practice your singing and also test your vocal prowess. In addition to training, you need to work on your creativity as well. Music is an art. Just as the painter draws, a musician sings and writes. Your creativity and mastery of your gift is what helps set you apart from the others.


Today, with modern technology and the karaoke, anyone can learn to sing and be as good as his/her idol.


<![CDATA[A Good Manager]]>  

Managers are essential to every organization and detrimental to its growth as well as decline because they handle the most difficult company resource: people. A manager's primary responsibility is to manage a team, have a smooth flow between the people he reports to, and the ones that report to himself.


In most scenarios his work is outlined on the way, what, how, when, and to whom he reports to. In ensuring a smooth flow between the higher hierarchy and himself, he should be well versed with all process and operational functions of a company. He needs to be a part of the company's growth plan and policies, depending upon his role in the organization.


Managing people, time and other resources is an art form. A good manager should have all the basic leadership skills, analytical skill, and problem-solving ability. There are various ways in which he can handle different situations through various leadership roles. Even in a crisis situation, he, with good managerial skills, should be able to perform well. He should be mentally tough to handle any kind of situations, guiding his teammates to be able to perform well. Leadership does not mean dominating people. He should have the knowledge of effective time management. A person who manages to plan the schedule and divide time equally between tasks can be an asset for the organization. He should also have a visionary sight for the benefits of the company and plan the future steps for the growth of the company. He is able to adapt easily.


Just as a manger needs to fulfill his responsibilities towards his employer, he has to ensure an approachable and patient attitude towards his subordinates or reporting members of his team. A manager who has cultivated the art of being a good listener, will always be able to help his juniors through a maze of professional and at times personal problems too. As a solution-oriented manager, his team will soon catch up with him and even emulate him. He should be resourceful, and well learned about all process and goals of the particular project and of the company, so his subordinates find it worthwhile and confident to carry forward their responsibilities. Delegating responsibilities, letting the juniors take responsibilities and decisions, right or wrong, and seeing them through a bad mess is perhaps his most desired trait. He should work towards team building and maintaining workplace ethics. He should also be responsible enough to maintain a good office atmosphere that would only lead to more productivity for the company. He should be sensitive towards others in the workplace. For a team to perform well, he should be able to motivate the team for their tasks. He should encourage talents. In case of people with low performances, he should tackle the situation with professionalism to reach a positive conclusion. However, he should not micromanage employees, especially those that have been with the company for many years. Nothing else will make them feel more unappreciated.


He works like a buffer point between the top level and junior level management. Filtering out pressure is important, to understand how much he should keep to himself, and how much he needs to pass it below. He should be trained to address and recognize grievances. A dip in work performance should be assessed, if it's a training issue, a training to upgrade the employee should be conducted, or if it is a personal problem, the help should be forwarded without getting too involved.


Another point regarding what makes a good manager, is that he can give opinions, take decisions and delegate responsibilities without being biased. Although, it is possible to have a few favorites, he needs to rise above showing petty favoritism. This trait will be particularly useful while giving a constructive feedback. Feedback and appraisals should be based on an individual professional conduct and abilities, and not on a biased act. He, while disapproving of an act should avoid getting personal. Assigning blame is a difficult task of his, but he will help his subordinates not only see the mistake, but make an example out of the mistaken approach, not the person. Being a manager is not always comfortable. He cannot always be popular. It is good to look for win-win situations but impossible to please everyone all of the time. Hard decisions frequently have to be made and it is often helpful to talk through his disagreements. Being surrounded by "Yes Men" is not the best way to make progress. Those who disagree may sometimes generate better ideas.


To sum up what makes a good manager: a team player, an analytical approach combined with a people centric outlook. He will help align an individual's aspirations to the company's goals and objectives thus improving teamwork. This he needs to do by setting himself as an example.


<![CDATA[]]> <![CDATA[Music or Lyrics]]>  

When it comes to songwriting, it is natural to ask the question of the chicken-or-the-egg type: the music or the lyrics, which comes first?


It's a time-honored question, and perhaps also the time-honored answer - it really is up to you!


So many budding songwriters get bogged down with this issue, wondering whether to pen some words first, and make a piece of music to fit them, or vice versa. They get concerned about what is the "right" way to write songs. And, when it comes down to it, even if you searched everywhere you could for the definitive answer, there really could be only one: There is no "right" way.


You could liken it to making a cup of coffee. Some people pour the boiling water on to the instant coffee and then add the milk. Others prefer to add the milk first, and then the water. The end result is really the same.


So, it all depends on you. What kind of songwriter are you? Do you love coming up with a tune first? Perhaps your lyric writing skills are where you draw inspiration. Whichever you are, it might be worth mentioning that perhaps the best writers don't get stuck in just one way of writing. One day they'll start humming a tune, the next they'll write a few lines...in the end they'll still have come up with a great song, whichever way they began.


To make things even more complicated - or even more vague, depending on how you see it! - there is another option: the lyrics and the music at the same time. In fact, rather than writing a piece of music for some lyrics, or the other way round, you can actually come up with a song which sounds altogether more "whole" if you work on both parts simultaneously. On the other hand, it is rare that lyric and musical inspiration hit you at the same time.


There is even an interesting concept that the music is IN the words and the words are IN the music. Certainly the music conveys a mood and informs the writer what sort of lyrics to write. Likewise, when you write lyrics first, they make it clear whether it should be a sad, happy or bittersweet song., and weather it should be uptempo, slow or something in between.


Song writing is all about you, and how you want to do it. Write in the way that feels the most comfortable, the most natural to you, and you'll find that your best songs will flow. Try and force yourself to work in one style, however, and your songs will be stilted and lifeless.



Journaling is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to accelerate your personal development. You don't have to be a great writer, perfect speller, or creative thinker to keep a personal journal. As a great way to process everything that you're going through, both high and low, journaling is an effective stress management tool that provides numerous emotional and health benefits. The process of journaling - recording your thoughts, goals and dreams - is not a new concept. What is new is the concept of writing in a journal with the intent to attract your wishes and desires to you.


With traditional journaling, you write down your current thoughts and your future goals from the point of view of "some day" you will achieve them. The journal is more like an overview of things you want some day. Journaling with the intent to attract wishes and desires is done from the point of view of already having your desires. Essentually you are writing from the end result - as if it has already happened.


Many people do not understand how the process of journaling can change your life, after all it is just writing. Yet it works, and it is one of the best processes when someone is wanting to begin changing their life.


Journaling to attract brings the future into your current reality. Start by writing out your desire as if it is your current reality - this makes it feel more real and lets your mind pretend it is happening now - instead of something you want to happen.


Write it out as you want it to be - the people who are there, the places you will go, the lifestyle you will have etc. Every day write it out again, and don't worry if you change some details as you change your vision of the desire. In fact, change is good because it is helping your mind finetune the details. Each time you write out the journal your subconscious mind will allow a little more of this vision to be believed as reality. Slowly, over time, you will bring your subconscious mind, your dominant beliefs and your inner vibration in line with your desires. The more in line you become the faster the desire will be attracted to you.


Journaling is not done to try to make magic happen - but instead it is done to bring your inner dominant beliefs to be a match with your desire. Once your beliefs are a match - the desire must manifest. It may suddenly appear, or you may receive it as a gift, or you could get a job promotion that will pay for it, or you may be relocated, or an old friend may appear and introduce you to someone, or you may find an opportunity that is exactly what you want.


Your job is to simply journal every day and bring your mind up to speed with the belief around your desire. Your job is not to worry about how it will appear - you will know what step or action to take once your mind is lined up. The next step will be obvious.


<![CDATA[Cool Things to Draw When Bored]]>  

Boredom and drudgery are the greatest evils. All of man's life is a tale of endeavors to escape boredom! Drawing is a great way to kick boredom away and open the doors of creativity. Learn how to draw and find one more way of killing boredom.


Making funny cartoons is one of the coolest things you could do when you're bored. Many painters and graphic artists have found their drawing talent, when they were in dire straits of boredom, prompting them to start making cartoon sketches of their teachers and professors in exercise books! Some of the cool things to draw on paper are cartoons and sketches of people around you! Every face around you has something uniquely beautiful and funny about it. Try to find that out. You may also draw yourself in a mirror, if you so desire!


A cartoon is all about exaggerating some feature of a person's face to create humor. You never know when this may go beyond just being one of the cool things to do when bored to becoming an obsession. You could end up making a career out of this as a cartoonist, if your sketching ability is complemented with a sense of humor of the sarcastic type!


Other than cartoons, other cool things to draw when bored are portraits, still life pictures, design patterns and much more. You could even think of cool things to draw on graph paper by using the grids as reference points.


Drawing has been our prehistoric pastime. Our stone age ancestors gave vent to their creative drive by painting on cave walls. To this day, their descendants continue with this drawing tradition but now on walls and call it graffiti! All you need is a spray gun and a wall! The art of drawing graffiti is one of those really cool things you could try your hand at.


If you are sitting bored in a classroom with nothing to do and you have chalks around and a board. Start drawing pictures on the board with a chalk. You could make all kinds of sketches. You could give slant cuts to chalks which will help in shading the sketches. With different amounts of pressure applied, you could create different shades. Use multiple color chalks and let your imagination run wild on the board. This is one of the cool things to draw when bored in school.


When you are bored, let your imagination run wild. You could experiment with a lot of surfaces to draw on. One such surface to draw is your shoes if you are the kind who loves to do radical things. With multiple color sprays, you could convert your bland looking shoes into a fashion statement! Experiment and have fun.


If you do not have paper, not to worry, you can always have some cool things to draw on your hand. You could draw design patterns on your hand with a ball pen or a sketch pen.


You need to draw on your creative potential to draw well! If you want to have fun with it, don't be a slave to your subject. Change things, move things around, put crazy lines here and there for no good reason. Don't just copy something, but create something. Think of yourself as an artist (not a camera). If you do a portrait, change the background or the hair style of the subject or maybe dress it different. Get a few differnent reference photos and create one picture from them. Basically drawing anything is boring, but creating something is awesome!!!


<![CDATA[Black Tea vs Green Tea]]> Tea has been one of the most favorite and healthy drinks all over the world, promoted as a safe stimulant and also an easy remedy to fight against various diseases and disorders. Tea is available in various types and the most widely preferred amongst these types are black tea and green tea. Certainly you can drink a nice balance of black tea and green tea in your diet. Both are fine beverages and much better than a lot of alternative beverages, like soda. The fact that you are even thinking about tea is a step in the right direction. However, many health-conscious people catch up in a dilemma over the preference of teas and therefore the conquest of black tea vs green tea has been going on in their mind over a long time!


Black tea since a long time has been promoted as a natural drink that prevents the growth of breast, stomach and colon cancer cells in the body. Although this was claimed by many people, it had to be scientifically proven. However, in recent times, some scientists have found out that it is the chemicals present in black tea that actually stop the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Black tea helps in preventing heart attacks and other dangerous heart diseases, by keeping down the cholesterol, clogging of arteries and also cures impaired blood vessel functioning. Black tea has the ability to fight viruses that result in diseases such as diarrhea, skin infections, tooth decay, pneumonia and cystitis.


Green tea works almost in the same way as black tea does. Green tea helps in fighting the bacteria and viruses that lead to infections in various parts of the body and therefore prevents infections up to a large extent. Green tea would be a very good option, if you are facing the problems of high cholesterol. Regular intake of green tea helps reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body and helps in maintaining a healthy heart. Researches and experiments have proved that green tea minimizes the chances of rheumatoid arthritis. This becomes possible due to the polyphenol chemicals that act as antioxidants against the oxidative stress. Green tea is also used in treating the problem of impaired immune function.


Caffeine is the most important area of concern nowadays, as there are many side effects associated with it. It has been found that one cup of black tea contains around 40-42 mg of caffeine, whereas one cup of green tea has around 20-22 mg of caffeine. Overdose of caffeine through either of the teas can lead to many side effects like restlessness, insomnia, headache, frequent urination, nausea etc. Hence, to avoid these side effects, know your capacity and limit your regular intake.


So black tea vs green tea, who's the winner? Now it is up to you to decide! You should make a wise choice by understanding your body type and needs.


<![CDATA[Stock Market Indexes ]]>  

You cannot directly trade stock indexes, but you should still keep your eye on them. Indexes track the market. Whatever those companies do in the stock market is reflected in the indexes. Different indexes track different stocks and have different criteria.


Paying attention to these indexes especially the big ones is critical to a trader. They are going to tell you where the easy money is and where the hard money is. For example, if you find one stock and it is giving you a great buy signal, but the main index is in a huge downtrend that is not a good sign. While the stock that you are investing into may be giving you a buy signal you are going against the market. That means the odds are against you. On the other hand if you find that stock is giving you a buy signal and the main index is in a huge uptrend then the odds of you succeeding are greatly increased. This would be a much more likely trade to be profitable.


Trading in the same direction as the major indexes is normally a wise idea.


<![CDATA[The Importance of a Hobby ]]>  

In this world we are forced to do things that we do not enjoy. We compromise at many points of our life. We study what will help us find a good job. We do the job which will give us good money. However, we can get immense pleasure in engaging ourselves for some time in our favorite activity not for any remuneration but simply to please ourselves. This activity is defined as hobby.


We engage ourselves in a hobby that we enjoy. Some of the most popular and common pastimes are reading, painting, music, cooking, stamp and coin collection, various sports, writing and travelling. Although, there are many other activities that people do as hobbies, some of them are strange and rare and some very difficult and unique, like ghost hunting, tornado chasing, autograph collection, robot building, cryptozoology, insect collection and many more.


Whatever our hobby is, we get a lot of benefits from it:


It is always good to spend our free time doing something that we like the most. A hobby helps us to use our free time in a pleasant manner.


A hobby can help us come out of our monotonous routine and let our mind think a new and different way.


Playing guitar or reading five pages of a book can definitely relax us and let us come out of our day-to-day stress. Doing something that we enjoy and are passionate about is always a big stress buster.


It increases the concentration level.


A hobby gives us chances to learn something new. Our passion about something to let us discover more information helps us gaining additional experience.


An empty mind is a house of devil but engaging ourselves in a hobby during our free time protects our mind from evil thoughts and helps our creative mind to open up.


A hobby gives the opportunity to make new friends with a similar interest.


Senior citizens and retired people often have enough free time that can be utilized for relaxing and entertaining hobbies. They can make lots of new people and may forget their pains for a while.


It helps our mind to become and stay creative. There are no rules and regulations when we do something for our own refreshment and we can use our childhood fantasy and can allow our emotions to flow, as they want.


Some of the people turn their hobbies into their business. Although, only few people can get so lucky but it is undoubtedly a great experience to use our hobby as our profession. It can give us an extra income if we turn our hobby into a profession. Recreational activities can also give us a good status, name and fame in the society.


<![CDATA[Sex Drive Killers]]>  

Your sex drive can be greatly affected by a number of psychological and physiological factors.


Many people perform best under intense pressure, but sexual performance certainly isn't one of those. Stress at the workplace, financial troubles, a sick family member or simply a hectic lifestyle with poor eating habits can take a toll on your sex life.

Knotty relationship issues need to be resolved and major differences ironed out if you want to reclaim the intimacy and affection that you once shared with your partner. Emotional closeness plays a major role in sexual passion, particularly for women. Poor communication, infidelity, constant arguments and other relationship-breakers need to be eliminated before mutual sexual desire can be regained.


If you always require a couple of drinks before you can get in the mood for sex, there's something seriously wrong with your sex life. Alcohol is commonly perceived as an aphrodisiac that breaks down barriers and inhibitions before sex, but all it actually does is numb your libido in the long term. Getting drunk might even put off your partner and you might end up having lousy sex. The same goes for recreational drugs and other so-called "libido boosters".


Lack of sleep is one of the biggest killers of sex drive. After all, if you start snoring as soon as you are under the covers, you are not likely to have a very active sex life. If it's sleep apnea or insomnia that's causing all the trouble, you can get suitable treatment for it. Try and get rid of whatever it is that is interfering with your sleep patterns, because sleeping too little gives you fatigue and saps the libido.


Loss of libido is a side effect that accompanies a number of medications. Ask your doctor to prescribe alternatives or change the dosage if your sex drive is being affected by medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, blood pressure drugs, oral contraceptives, anti-HIV drugs, synthetic progesterone-medroxyprogesterone, finasteride or chemotherapy.


If you feel you just aren't sexy enough to please your partner, you are suffering from poor body image linked to low self-esteem. Many men, for instance, feel that their penis is too small, and these feelings of inadequacy can affect their sex life. If you are a woman and are too concerned about your breast size, you are probably ruining your sex life.


Obesity is directly related to lack of sexual desire and poor sexual performance. The causes for this are usually linked to social stigma, low self-esteem, unsatisfactory relationships and simply difficulties in having sex. Losing weight can certainly lead to better sex.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition characterized by a restricted flow of blood to the penis, thus leading to difficulties in getting or retaining a satisfactory erection. Men suffering from ED are likely to worry about their sexual performance and kill their sex drive.


The amount of testosterone in your body determines the level of your sex drive. If your testosterone levels dip too low, your libido is likely to decline.


Depression is a double-edged sword because it saps sex drive, while antidepressants do so too.


<![CDATA[Sex Toys]]>  

The popularity of sex toys is on a constant rise. More and more people are getting hooked onto the use of these toys and they are quite open about it. The immense and varied nature of choices means that there are sex toys to suit all kinds of interests and preferences. Now, a new dimension has been added to these sex toys. It's been noted that using sex toys can have important health benefits as well.


There was a time when the use of sex toys was considered taboo. Slowly, and gradually their use began coming out of the closet and today they have become accepted in terms of mainstream usage. The days when people looked at you with surprise, shock or concern on their faces if you mentioned your use of a sex toy, are long gone. These days another feather has been added to the sex toys' cap. They are no longer just toys that offer sexual pleasure but are earning popularity for the health benefits offered. It is increasingly being seen that the regular use of sex toys affects the body in a myriad of positive ways, both physically and psychologically. Sex toys are not just used for sex anymore but are also devices that contribute towards improving the health of the user in many different ways.


Quite a number of sex toys available for men and women have a range of therapeutic benefits. Men suffering from erection problems or reduced penile sensation have benefited from the use of specific sex toys. Women who use vibrators are essentially stimulating blood flow to that particular area. Apart from the sexual pleasure brought about by this action, it also improves the general health of the body by releasing feel good hormones during orgasm. Men and women, who suffer from decreased sexual desire, have seen their sex lives improve with the use of various sex toys.


Male sex toys in the form of prostate massagers help bring about a prostate orgasm. This helps flush out all the old prostate fluid that has accumulated in the prostate. These male sex toys also improve the circulation of this gland and improve the blood flow to the region. All these health benefits mean that sex toys definitely help develop the health of an individual.


The health benefits of sex toys and the fact that these benefits are experienced while you are having some sexual fun, has made these sex toys even more popular.


<![CDATA[Leo Man ]]>  

Leo is a fire sign, so Leo men are stubborn, dominate and can be tyrannical. They can also be very selfish, since they will pursue their own ends with no mind to the consequences. At best, this can be that they simply get too wrapped up in work to remember to come home for dinner. At worst, they can be manipulative, and so selfish that they disregard anyone else's needs.


Leos are very charismatic, and they are the kind who waits around for other people to come to them. They truly believe they are extremely special and that they are a gift to everyone. Thus, they are very extroverted, but if they decide something - or someone - is their new project, they will not stop until they have completed their goals, no matter what it takes. They will not even consider their own motivations. Leos also have a very short fuse that they must learn to control if they don't want to blow up and lose the people most important to them. Leos love fun, excitement, and being recognized. They command people's attention and respect and become very angry when they don't get it.


These men can be difficult to handle, and are not the type to cuddle in front of the TV. Rather, these men will be out and about, even after they're married, wanting fun and excitement and if they set their eyes on some prize, they will be sure to go after it, no matter the consequences.